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Process models. A graph-theoretic process model was developed to represent mass and (generalized) energy flows in multi-domain physical systems. This conceptual and computational methodology can be used to represent both bio-physical and human systems (political, economic etc), as well as the interactions between these. Reference: SH Birkett, On the interconnection of ecological system models, Ecological Modelling 72 (1994) 153-174.

Solid waste management systems.
Analytical tools for the design and operation of integrated solid waste management systems were studied, with application to the design of appropriate policy strategies, or to planning a specific system and optimizing its operation. An extensive report summarizing data and recommendations for an integrated solid waste management system for Guelph, Ontario was prepared. Reference: L Otten, SH Birkett & D Hoornweg (1993). An Integrated Waste Management System: Data and Recommendations for Guelph, Ontario. Wellington Applied Sciences, Guelph, Ontario (109pp).

Life cycle assessment methodology.
A standardized methodology for life cycle assessment was examined. Resource use and waste disposal can be analysed using a process model to predict associated energy requirements and environmental impacts. The requirements for developing LCAs in several industry applications were determined: (1) beverage containers; (2) alcohol-based fuels; (3) incineration of selected municipal solid waste streams.

Ecosystem health assessment.
This research applied systems methodology to the problem of assessing ecosystem health status. A stress-response framework was developed to provide a general classification system for environmental impact analysis, and this technique was applied in a comparative study of two large marine ecosystems. References: SH Birkett & D Rapport, A framework for classifying ecosystem dysfunctions, The Environmentalist 18: 15-25. SH Birkett & D Rapport, Comparing the health of two large marine ecosystems: The Gulf of Mexico and the Baltic Sea, Ecosystem Health, 2 (1996) 127-144.

Gas-liquid interface in sewers.
A physical model was developed for the gas-liquid interface in sewers. Design recommendations were obtained by repeated multi-parameter simulations, with prediction of parameter combinations that can lead to dangerous gaseous situations in sewers. Reference: RL Corsi & SH Birkett. A multi-parameter analysis of VOC emissions from sewers, Water Environment Research (1995) 67: 807-815.

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